Jennifer’s Story Part 2

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Next day the mobile rang early. That report needed commenting on before 10am.  Why didn’t they tell her that yesterday? Harry had also decided he didn’t want to go to school today. Rob was already gone to work.  ‘He is a good man’ Jennifer thought ‘If only he was more… ‘.  The cat flap opened, Minz was coming home from the night before, some food still remained in her bowl that would have to do her until this evening.  Jennifer told Harry she would drop him at school so he reluctantly got up and they both downed a quick bowl of cereal. Guilt! Money for lunch, books, uniform on check, hair/teeth brushed, sleep out of the eyes, car keys, report under the arm, more guilt, handbag, door shut.

‘Have you the report completed’ mumbled suited and booted only into the job 6 months Paul.

‘Yes, just have to add my final comments.’  Jennifer fibbed.

‘Flying close…’ Paul’s words trailed away as Jennifer headed to the ladies to add a quick, sure nothing ever changes line to the report.

She was feeling a little angry, what was the point of the report if things were not really going to change.  How many comments had she submitted in the past and what had really changed. Change that’s what those life coaches tout…oops  her professionalism was slipping…sure anyone could do that job? It was out there she had said it.  Jennifer was a fair woman if she felt this way about life coaches she needed to give them a fair hearing she would book a session and try it out.  She felt empowered for some reason and she googled a local life coach and made the appointment. Jennifer was a hardened professional, no fly by night was going to impress her unless they were the real deal.  Jennifer did her research and was prepared for what life coaching entailed.

It was indeed a private premises, check and Fiona, the life coach met her at the door.

‘You found me!’ she smiled.

Jennifer’s defenses went up. 

‘Yes.’ Why was she so nervous?  This was just a regular woman, doing a job like hers to support people and help them get the change they needed in their life.

‘Today we will get to know each other a little better, get an overview and draw out the first area of focus to work on.’ said Fiona ‘Each client has different needs and different starting points, I will help you find your starting point.  So just relax.’

All seems good thought Jennifer.  She had brought a completed coaching form with her and they started to discuss its contents.

‘If anything has changed since you completed the form, feel free to let me know.  Things can shift even before the coaching begins as you have made the first step by contacting me.  It still amazes me how this all works! said Fiona. ‘Also you can speak your mind here, this is a safe space for you.’

Jennifer managed to say ‘Thank you.’  Even with the form as guidance she was worried she wouldn’t know where to start.

She needn’t have as Fiona took the lead in a gentle and supportive way.  They were chatting about the form for half an hour when Jennifer felt herself relaxing into the comfortable sofa.  Jennifer felt the relief in her body and a few tears started to roll down her cheeks.  She took a tissue from the box on the table and they continued on. Fiona listened and engaged with her in a respectful and thoughtful way, asking questions and offering options and suggestions for ways forward.  Then Jennifer decided from the options discussed what would be her action step to be accomplished before the next meeting.  As the weeks passed it felt good to have Fiona supporting her and they worked through issues as they came up and as she completed each action step her confidence grew.


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