Jennifer’s Story Part 3

BGr8 Training Life Coaching

‘How did you find the last session’ asked Fiona.  Jennifer had been working with Fiona now for three months, building her confidence and making small changes in her personal life that were having a significant impact.  She had built up trust with Fiona and now felt ready to answer this question more deeply.

‘At first I thought life coaching was a gimmick. Now I know that just as in any job there are different grades of professionalism.  And some people are just really good at what they do.  To be honest I didn’t think it would work for me.  It only worked if you got a new job or left your husband or you were young and free!’ Jennifer laughed nervously. ‘Of-course I know now those things would have to happen regardless of life coaching if they were what was needed.’

‘What I realised was I needed to take better care of myself as I was supporting so many others.  My husband, my son, my clients and even Minz.’

At that point Jennifer burst out laughing and Fiona joined in.  Minz had become a symbol of many a change needed in Jennifer’s life.

‘Some of the changes I have made are relatively small, and have seemed scary to begin with, but have turned out to be really significant for me – like asking Rob to spent ten minutes chatting or should I say listening to me in the evening.  I feel more connected that way.  I love the family sitting together for meals, at least a few times a week and dishes getting put in the dishwasher.  Why was I so afraid to ask for my needs to be met?’

‘Sometimes we get into patterns that have been going on for so long that we are not even aware that they are running us until something doesn’t feel right or someone points something out to us.’ said Fiona. ‘Change occurs…whether we like it or not. And if we are in control of what we can control it feels invigorating. There are always options too.’

Jennifer had felt the support of having a coach in her life.  So much so she had decided to tackle other areas of her life, like her career.  Her confidence had grown and she felt that she had reconnected to the belief that she had something important to contribute.  Working with Fiona she had learned how to express her opinion in an assertive manner.  The next report that came round would definitely have Jennifer’s experienced opinion stamped all over it.



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