Confidence and Goal Setting

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Our mission is to help people grow in confidence, so that they can achieve what they tell themselves they want to achieve.

The Past

Have you ever been there?  You tell yourself this year, this month, this week, this time is going to be different. Remember when you felt something like this before.  You were going to start something new, make that big change, get back on track with your goals and dreams and then once again nothing really happened, you went back to doing the same old thing.

The Present

But wait, this time now you are really ready. Let’s go!  Something inside of you is egging you on and perhaps you are not even sure what that thing is or where it comes from. It is like a little seed that explodes inside of you and you are fired up more than you have ever been before, this must be it and you start of full of enthusiasm. Perhaps you want to lose weight, quit smoking, get a handle on your finances, start a business or move to a new home. So you are raring to go but somewhere and without any warning the life goes out of the idea, and the doubt sets in. What just happened?
For years we wanted to start our own business. We wanted to take charge of our own life, but we had no idea what we were really going to do or how we were supposed to do it. An idea of a ‘kickass’ business stayed buried inside our minds. Why was nothing happening? We just couldn’t get it to work. Are you getting this? Do you feel our pain? You may laugh.

However some of you know what we are talking about and it is to you that we are speaking. 

So here are some tips to get you started on your new goal.

3 Powerful Things to know about achieving your Goals

1. You can do this – you must build your inner self confidence and self belief.
You do not have to be perfect – none of us are (except perhaps the perfect version of ourselves) you are human and the first seed that needs to sprout is the belief in your strengths and capabilities.
2. Surround yourself with supportive people – do not tolerate dissent.

There are different people that surround you but none of them really know why you want do the things that you want to do. Some care about you but are critical as they are fearful about this new direction you are going in. Then there are people that tell you ‘go for it and do this’ but they don’t really know what they are talking about, as they have no experience of this thing you want to do. Then there are the detractors that block you at every turn whether consciously or subconsciously. And there are the people that really know what it takes to do this thing you want to do and will support you if you let them. Don’t get these different people mixed up. They need to be positioned differently around you. Keeping some further away from you than others!

3. Be mentored by someone that has done what it is you want to do.
There are all kinds of mentors – choose wisely. Have a flexible arrangement until you know you have the right one and then commit wholeheartedly. Don’t lose your confidence.  Plans / goals / timelines may need to be tweaked.  Know the difference between a challenge that moves you forward and one that will take you down.  Be compassionate with yourself. Most change happens one step at a time.