Personal Development Workshops

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Personal Development Workshops

Personal Development Workshops and classes will support you to feel more in control of your life, to feel more inspired and empowered to make good decisions in your life.  We run confidence building workshops that support people to take charge of their lives and make positive changes in a way that is sustainable.  It takes courage to make changes, even positive changes yet the rewards are worth it.  We will support you as you go ( see testimonials) and we also offer individual support if required.   We all need extra support at certain times in our lives.  Contact us and get on your way to creating the life you deserve.  Check out our classes for October 2016.

Dates for October Personal Development Workshops:

1st October (Saturday) 10am – 4.30pm    The New You – Assertiveness

8th October (Saturday) 10am – 4.30pm   Confidence Building

15th October (Saturday) 10am – 4.30pm  Assertiveness Follow Up Day

23rd October (Sunday) 10am – 4.30pm    Business Support

For further details contact Norah     Mob:  07746094048    or  Email:

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