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CONFIDENCE – Jumping some hurdles!

After years of doing many different jobs, and what seemed like drifting through life, I decided to study psychology. This lead me to training and working as a counsellor, and life coach. My CONFIDENCE grew and I began to start valuing myself and the talents I had been given.

Whilst working with my own life-coach, I was drawn to write a children’s book. I wanted to encourage children to believe in themselves, and to value their skills and talents. Perhaps if I had learnt some of these messages at an earlier age, I would not have drifted for so long.

Going through the process of writing a book, a new experience, I was taken to a whole new level of what it is to have inner CONFIDENCE and self-belief. Through my previous training I had let go of many things that held me back. I thought I had this CONFIDENCE and self-belief thing pretty much sussed, but going down the path of writing my first book, and managing a team of people to get the book produced, was a whole new ball game.

So I wrote my simple stories and gave them to the first person, an ex-teacher, to read and comment on. I had to walk out of the room! I felt like a child again handing in their homework. Can you remember what that felt like? šŸ™‚
I was really drawn to produce these books for children, that was OK in my imagination, but in the cold light of day so to speak, what were ‘they’ going to think or say? What would they think of my “scribbles”?

So maybe it wasn’t perfect.

Some people get put off at this point and do not go on to achieveĀ their vision or goal. I almost did. We remember the times of not getting something ‘perfect’ or ‘right first time’ and shut down or back away from what we want to do.

If you want to progress, this is a hurdle that needs jumped, however inelegant it may look.

Confidence Tips

What did I do?

I held on to the positive feedback I receivedĀ and took on board the criticism. Ā Changes were made if they were needed, and I employed an editor and proof reader to help me and got other support. I also gradually built up CONFIDENCE in my style of writing.

Above all, I held on to my original idea. Why I was doing this in the first place? Empowering children.

So if there is something you really want to do, take it one step at a time, don’t fear constructive criticism, get positive support from those in the know ie have traveled the path ahead of you, don’t be afraid to tweak the ‘vision’ and keep going. Ā CONFIDENCE comes with taking inspired action and valuing your strengths and skills.