Stress Relief

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Stress Relief

Feeling like crap?  Wake up tired in the morning after hours of sleep?  Don’t want to get out of bed?

Feeling low, needing caffeine to get you going?  Are you stressed?

There are some temporary things you can do to relieve stress: taking time out, going for a swim or a walk, for example.  These are all beneficial, however they are only temporary measures.

What to do about stress

However to really deal with stress you need to take stock of your life and make some lifestyle changes.

Identify what your specific stressors are and start to reduce or eliminate them altogether.  Different people have different things that stress them out.  Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t remain passive thinking that you are not capable of changing things – take back control.  This feels empowering, make a plan, set goals and action steps and follow them.

Reach out to others to help support your plan.  Don’t isolate yourself and feel alone in this, even if you are at home you can connect online. Start to talk about what is going on for you and let other people support you to find solutions.

Don’t let the pressure of modern living get on top of you.

Take inspired action.

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