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Self Employed

Being self-employed I don’t typically work 9-5.  I do have a routine that I am incorporating into my working week, although I rebel against this.  Reminds me too much of school (or when I had a job), having to be in a certain place at a certain time, especially when (with no exaggeration) I wanted to be a million miles away.  Although the upside was I loved to learn and I think I learnt something at school. Yes, definitely.

Anyways one thing I love about being my own boss is the ‘freedom’ to go for a walk during the day just because the sun is out (for now.)  I don’t have to ask permission (unless I have a client and I am with them, of-course they may choose to go outside too!) and I am a very good boss – getting out in the sunlight is a rule of mine.  I also love doing nothing – I mean just staring into space for half an hour, it does the heart and soul good.  See image.  That is not me but you get the picture. 🙂 

So doing nothing as a business strategy, I think I will make it compulsory and part of my weekly routine – may be even daily.  Dare I be that bold.  And if the sun is not out I have a sofa that I can drape over and gaze it out.  This is time to recharge and not loop in negative or anxious thinking.  OK, some days are more difficult than others. I know.  Just be assertive with your ‘mind chatter’ and your thoughts are not king, or sometimes even correct.  Who is in charge here anyway.

Self Employed Support

There are many priorities pulling us in many different directions.  It can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.  There are things that can be implemented over time that reduce this overwhelm and stress.  Simple strategies that work.  Find out more here. I have trained myself to like getting support, I used to be a lone wolf, and this support is helping me to get to the next level in my business and life.