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Self Care for Women

We believe that taking good care of ourselves is important. Taking personal responsibility for our health can increase our energy levels and support us when we are unwell.  For us, self-care for women includes supporting our physical, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual lives and our finances.  We lead busy lives, take care of others and homes and careers and businesses.  It is paramount to remember to take time out to recharge and to find time to deal with any underlying conflict in our lives.  Do we need to end a relationship?  Do we need to assert ourselves with someone? Do we need to get a massage?

There is so much information readily available about how we should take care of ourselves that it can be confusing and overwhelming about the ‘right’ path to take and one size does not necessarily fit all.  Take time to figure what supports you as an individual and get those things scheduled into your life. Even the smallest amount of time doing something that uplifts you over time will reap benefits.  Consistency is key.

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling guilty because you take time for yourself.  It is important for you and if you look after others you will have more to give to them and you will not be running on empty.

Some times we do not need to make a massive change to see great results.  Ask your body what it needs and then listen for a response? What is your intuition telling you?  Your intuition speaks gently, supportively and encourages.  What do you need to say yes to? What exciting new change could you introduce to your life to support you? 

We can feel our own body sending us messages (by getting quiet and asking) we can read the subtle signals we are sent and make the positive changes we need.  We are on a journey to taking better care of ourselves as we navigate the new opportunities ahead of us.

If you would like to explore this topic further we are holding a self-care for women workshop on Saturday 7th October.

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