Are you stressed?

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Are you stressed? Are you stressed? or perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious? Many of us don’t talk about our issues and let negative and worrying thoughts just circulate about in our heads.  There are always solutions if you know where to look.  One that we use is life coaching. Life Coaching Life coaching allows you the time and …

South West College – SUSE+ Programme

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We recently won the tender for the SUSE+ programme to deliver Confidence and Motivation classes to their participants.  The SUSE+ programme is run by the South West College to support and encourage people to be interview ready, to get into employment and to make positive changes in their lives. We are delighted to be part of this continuing programme that …

Self Care

BGr8 Training Self Care

Self Care for Women We believe that taking good care of ourselves is important. Taking personal responsibility for our health can increase our energy levels and support us when we are unwell.  For us, self-care for women includes supporting our physical, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual lives and our finances.  We lead busy lives, take care of others and homes and careers …

Self Care

Self Care

BGr8 Training Self Care

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Join us on Saturday 7th October for a day of relaxation and time for yourself. Our Self Care event is a day to chill out and enjoy a beautiful, private setting while getting support from us – a time to look after your own needs.   We need to put on our own oxygen masks …

self employed

Being Your Own Boss

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Self Employed Being self-employed I don’t typically work 9-5.  I do have a routine that I am incorporating into my working week, although I rebel against this.  Reminds me too much of school (or when I had a job), having to be in a certain place at a certain time, especially when (with no exaggeration) I wanted to be a …

Get Out of Debt

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Why is it important to get out of debt? Financial pressure can cause stress and have an impact on our mental and emotional health.  Some people worry about money even when they have enough.  Some people worry about money because they are in debt. There are others that are in denial of their financial situation.  When in debt, the situation …

Stress Relief

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Stress Relief Feeling like crap?  Wake up tired in the morning after hours of sleep?  Don’t want to get out of bed? Feeling low, needing caffeine to get you going?  Are you stressed? There are some temporary things you can do to relieve stress: taking time out, going for a swim or a walk, for example.  These are all beneficial, …

Confidence – Confidence Building Courses Northern Ireland

BGr8 Training Confidence

CONFIDENCE – Jumping some hurdles! After years of doing many different jobs, and what seemed like drifting through life, I decided to study psychology. This lead me to training and working as a counsellor, and life coach. My CONFIDENCE grew and I began to start valuing myself and the talents I had been given. Whilst working with my own life-coach, …

Personal Development Workshops

BGr8 Training Personal Development

Personal Development Workshops Personal Development Workshops and classes will support you to feel more in control of your life, to feel more inspired and empowered to make good decisions in your life.  We run confidence building workshops that support people to take charge of their lives and make positive changes in a way that is sustainable.  It takes courage to make …

Confidence and Goal Setting

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Our mission is to help people grow in confidence, so that they can achieve what they tell themselves they want to achieve. The Past Have you ever been there?  You tell yourself this year, this month, this week, this time is going to be different. Remember when you felt something like this before.  You were going to start something new, make that …

Assertiveness Skills Training

BGr8 Training Assertiveness

We are running our next Assertiveness Workshop on Saturday 1st October 10am – 4.30pm Cost £80 per person Learn how to: Say ‘No’ Communicate your needs clearly, without feeling guilty or getting upset Respect your needs and those of others Know the difference between being passive, aggressive and assertive