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Reward Yourself Out of Debt

Want support to get out of debt? Reward Yourself Out of Debt  is an 8 Module Training Programme. This programme will support you to create a positive mindset and a plan to get out of debt. It includes video training, assignments and cool bonuses to support you to stay on track.

  • Module 1 explores  past experience and stories about money and debt and continues into Module 2. The programme is set up this way to support you to identify negative thoughts and feelings around money and to create a stronger foundation on which to move forward.  
  • Module 3 focuses on your actual debt, to get the full amount identified and track your income and expenses.
  • Module 4 explores ways to build confidence and explains why you need to use focus, discipline and REWARDS to keep you moving forward toward your goals.
  • Module 5  creating a future plan, a BIG vision that will support you to move forward and see how getting out of debt fits into this.
  • Module 6 focuses on implementing systems; financial, emotional and practical.
  • Module 7 revisits your future plan adding in more specific detail, mini action steps that will act as your guide day to day.  
  • Module 8 recaps on the training and celebrates your success so far.

What you need to do

Set aside some time each week to go through the training video and do the simple assignments. 

Join our secret facebook community.

Contact us for your 15min ‘Forward Motion’ Coaching session via skype.


If you implement the teaching and assignments in the programme, you will have made a plan to get out of debt and created a more positive mindset .  You will have more support and feel more in control of your finances.

Imagine being debt-free.  You deserve it!


  • Congratulations on taking the first step to getting out of debt. Welcome to Reward Yourself Out Of Debt.

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