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CONFIDENCE – Jumping some hurdles! After years of doing many different jobs, and what seemed like drifting through life, I decided to study psychology. This lead me to training and working as a counsellor, and life coach. My CONFIDENCE grew and I began to start valuing myself and the talents I had been given. Whilst working with my own life-coach, …

Personal Development Workshops

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Personal Development Workshops Personal Development Workshops and classes will support you to feel more in control of your life, to feel more inspired and empowered to make good decisions in your life.  We run confidence building workshops that support people to take charge of their lives and make positive changes in a way that is sustainable.  It takes courage to make …

Confidence and Goal Setting

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Our mission is to help people grow in confidence, so that they can achieve what they tell themselves they want to achieve. The Past Have you ever been there?  You tell yourself this year, this month, this week, this time is going to be different. Remember when you felt something like this before.  You were going to start something new, make that …

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Great Aspirations Part 4

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Barry McDevitt, Patient Transport Service Driver. He had done it. Barry had achieved his goal and had also completed 12 life coaching sessions in total with Fiona. He was an ambulance driver covering shifts as and when required. He drove, and had either one or two paramedics in tow during his shifts. The hours were accommodating to allow him to …

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Confidence Building Courses

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Confidence building courses are running throughout the summer.  One such course is with the Connections Programme at South West College in Omagh.  These confidence building courses not only help participants grow in confidence but they also help the young people to decide on career options and further training. Participants are helped to recognising their true strengths, skills and personal qualities. …

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Confidence Building for Work

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Norah Hughes Trainer and Coach with Students at South West College, Enniskillen Confidence building for work helps students recognise and acknowledge their strengths and talents.  Sometimes it takes someone else to see our true strengths and make us aware of them. Congratulations to all those participants on the Suse Employment Programme at South West College, Enniskillen, who received their certificates …