Self Care

Self Care

BGr8 Training Self Care

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Join us on Saturday 7th October for a day of relaxation and time for yourself. Our Self Care event is a day to chill out and enjoy a beautiful, private setting while getting support from us – a time to look after your own needs.   We need to put on our own oxygen masks …

life coaching

Great Aspirations – Part 1

BGr8 Training Life Coaching

Barry shuffled through the door after a long day. He was exhausted having travelled the length and breadth of the country from 5am this morning. Another typical weekday marathon both physically and mentally. It was 10.34pm when he crossed the threshold of his modest 2 bed flat. ‘Hey Bazza! Marty’s fast asleep and all his homework done.’ said Shauneen. Barry …

BGr8 Training – Update

BGr8 Training BGR8 Training

Autumn is a busy time for us, here at BGR8 Training, Norah is teaching and facilitating employability courses and personal development classes.  We also continue with our life coaching 6-month programme which is nearing its completion at the end of this month.  Clients have been making positive changes, re-assessing their goals and action steps and opportunities have been opening up …

Confidence BGr8 Training

Confidence Building for Work

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Norah Hughes Trainer and Coach with Students at South West College, Enniskillen Confidence building for work helps students recognise and acknowledge their strengths and talents.  Sometimes it takes someone else to see our true strengths and make us aware of them. Congratulations to all those participants on the Suse Employment Programme at South West College, Enniskillen, who received their certificates …

Learning to be Assertive


Assertiveness is a very powerful tool to have under your belt. No question about that! Here are a few tips to get you thinking about this subject: Know who you really are and what your values are – then you know what is important to you and what is not important or what you can negotiate on.  Your opinion is …