This sums up some of what goes on for a client before and during the coaching process. 

'When I first decided to go for coaching, I had reached a point where I
felt "stuck" for want of a better word! I could see where I wanted to be but
this nagging voice of negative self doubt kept telling me, I wasn't good
enough, and not to be getting "above my station" I found myself paralysed when
it came to saying how I felt when people or situations hurt me, and found
myself tolerating behaviours I shouldn't. Coaching, well, Norah especially,
has helped me to find my voice, to be able to recognise when I'm uncomfortable
and ways to address how I feel, without giving an explanation, and while some
people around me have found it a little out of character for me to "speak out"
diplomatically, of course, I have found it very empowering. This hasn't
happened over night, and I'm still learning and growing, and my goal is still
in sight, so if your interested in coaching, don't be fooled into thinking
it's a quick fix. It takes time, and a commitment from you, to listen, to take
action and to want to achieve the vision you have for yourself, be it work
related, or personally. We all need a little help at times, and shouldn't feel
embarrassed to seek it.'

So, this is what one of our clients has had to say about her coaching 'journey' with Norah.

What is keeping you from getting the support you need to move forward in your life?  Coaching may be the solution you are looking for. Contact us 

Michelle Alonso, Training Officer, Fermanagh Women's Aid

The training has been beneficial to me as a training officer in that I have learned much more than I anticipated with regards to being assertive in my work and in my personal life. I have learned the importance of values and how they can impact our approach to work and our personal life.

I have also learned how to plan for an assertiveness situation and can also pass this information to our service users.

I would highly recommend this training as the facilitator was excellent and was very knowledgeable of her work. There were a range of valuable resources used on each session as well as group activities, role play and one to one discussion with the facilitator on your own individual needs. A highly professional and worthwhile programme.


Michael McGoldrick – CEO, First Steps Women’s Centre

Norah from BGr8 Training has delivered empowering Personal Development Programmes for the First Steps Women’s Centre for the past six years. The benefits of these programmes are evident in the women having more confidence, greater self-esteem and achieving goals and being able to build better lives for themselves and their children.

I would recommend BGr8 Training Personal Development Training for its professionalism, dedication and transformational

Deborah Brown - SUSE Programme Co-Ordinator, South West College

“As programme co-ordinator of the SUSE Programme at South West College I can highly recommend BGR8 Training particularly in the areas of improving confidence and motivation. Our participants were fully engaged throughout the sessions.  Feedback from our participants was excellent and they certainly appeared more confident in their approach to applying for employment.  Many participants found the aftercare service provided very impressive.

Cheryl McWilliams - Owner, Mother Bee

Some months ago I contacted Norah about doing some coaching with me! I was in a job that was becoming increasingly stressful, time away from home and no brighter prospects! I was determined that I wasn't going to work elsewhere that my next move would be to my own business. Norah taught me how to set little achievable goals that would keep me moving forward and get me to where I needed to be from this Mother Bee was born. I now have a different set of goals since Mother Bee was launched & Norah's coaching has allowed me to take timeout and plan what and where I wanted to go without stressing! I can't recommend highly enough and so glad Norah was there to share the journey! Invest in yourself.... It pays to!

Eddie McClenaghan

Life coaching was often something I noticed appearing on Facebook and I was quick to assume it was just another label for 'counselling' or 'therapy'. What I have discovered is that it's more like a personal trainer. Where personal trainers focus on physical strength and endurance, life coaching is focused on harnessing positive energy to build mental strength and resilience to cope with all life's challenges.

Working with Norah has been a refreshing experience. In all aspects of life I had myself tied up in knots. Norah's approach showed patience, careful consideration and a variety of ideas that have been immensely helpful in untangling those knots.

She is a great listener and has helped me embrace techniques that work to improve my opinion of myself, my ability to achieve in life and my outlook on life. She is an expert in finding the best way to empower others, tailor-made to suit the individual. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get the best out of themselves.

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