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We can give you the tools and techniques to better cope with the pressures of modern day living.

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Our coaching supports you to build confidence, overcome problems and move forward in your life. We help you to create a plan to make the changes you want.

So what are some of the benefits of coaching?:

Confidence: recognising strengths & skills, creating positive self esteem and self image, identifying career path & life purpose

Relationships: becoming more assertive, having better comunication skills and deeper bonds with self and others

Finances: creating a more solid financial foundation including tackling debt

We’ve worked on similar issues and used the same techniques to support ourselves.

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This is what our customers have to say:

Bing and Frank is a great teaching resource for young children.

Bing and Frank is a great teaching resource for young children.  We used it as part of our PDMU (Personal Development & Mutual Understanding) lessons.  The children very quickly identified with the characters in the story.  This led to open ended discussion around the characters feelings and how their actions affected others.  It also allowed for discussion on how to address and resolve the issues raised in the story.  The activity sheets are an added bonus.  A great classroom resource!

St Mary's Primary School, Lisbuoy, Carland
St Mary's Primary School, Lisbuoy, Carland

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