“Even when you have the weight of the world to carry, we will give you the tools to help lessen the load.”


We can give you the tools and techniques to better cope with the pressures of modern day living.

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Our coaching supports you to build confidence, overcome problems and move forward in your life. We help you to create a plan to make the changes you want.

So what are some of the benefits of coaching?:

Confidence: recognising strengths & skills, creating positive self esteem and self image, identifying career path & life purpose

Relationships: becoming more assertive, having better comunication skills and deeper bonds with self and others

Finances: creating a more solid financial foundation including tackling debt

We’ve worked on similar issues and used the same techniques to support ourselves.

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This is what our customers have to say:

This sums up some of what goes on for a client before and during the coaching process. 

'When I first decided to go for coaching, I had reached a point where I
felt "stuck" for want of a better word! I could see where I wanted to be but
this nagging voice of negative self doubt kept telling me, I wasn't good
enough, and not to be getting "above my station" I found myself paralysed when
it came to saying how I felt when people or situations hurt me, and found
myself tolerating behaviours I shouldn't. Coaching, well, Norah especially,
has helped me to find my voice, to be able to recognise when I'm uncomfortable
and ways to address how I feel, without giving an explanation, and while some
people around me have found it a little out of character for me to "speak out"
diplomatically, of course, I have found it very empowering. This hasn't
happened over night, and I'm still learning and growing, and my goal is still
in sight, so if your interested in coaching, don't be fooled into thinking
it's a quick fix. It takes time, and a commitment from you, to listen, to take
action and to want to achieve the vision you have for yourself, be it work
related, or personally. We all need a little help at times, and shouldn't feel
embarrassed to seek it.'

So, this is what one of our clients has had to say about her coaching 'journey' with Norah.

What is keeping you from getting the support you need to move forward in your life?  Coaching may be the solution you are looking for. Contact us 

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